I’m Phil Leggetter. I started my career working as a software engineer building demos and SDKs for a company focusing on financial data. From there I got interested in real-time web technologies (Comet and then WebSocket).

In many of my roles, I’ve been on the front-line of support. My time in support resulted in empathy for developers on top of my natural empathy for others.

After a number of years as a developer, I realised that I most enjoyed learning about technology, creating things from what I’ve learned and then sharing the knowledge I’d acquired. This lead me to the world of Developer Evangelism that has morphed into Developer Advocacy - I class to be two different things.

My developer relations roles include 2 years working at Pusher, a year working on open sourcing a JavaScript developer toolkit called BladeRunnerJS, another year at Pusher and most recently over 4 years at Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform where I had the responsibility and privilege of collaboratively building our global, diverse, distributed and multi-functional Platform & Developer Experience team (including Developer Relations).

I’m now working in something in “Stealth Mode”. I’ll share more when I can.

I’m probably best known in the Developer Relations space for creating the AAARRRP Developer Relations strategy framework (video). This also included the DevRelOmeter, a visual representation of whether a group of activities results in evangelism or advocacy.